Monday, September 26, 2011

A Day Zero Twofer

This weekend I completed TWO things on my Day Zero list!

#68 - Read in the New York Public Library

Have you been to the NYPL?  It is the most gorgeous building!  I knew I wanted to read in the reading room and after wandering around for a bit, we finally found it:

The library.

The reading room ceiling!


#88 - Leave an inspirational note inside a book for someone to find

Maybe it's cheesy, but I thought it would be fun!  So if you're ever in the New York Public Library, be on the lookout for secret messages in your books.

Yes, I left it in a cookbook...

Thanks to my mom for making me do more on my list!

How're your goals coming?


  1. i'm loving that you left that fun note! i love finding secret messages on dollar bills and such, and you never know, you could just make someones day!!

    and p.s. i'm loving that you're reading on your kindle in the NYPL. the irony is just makin me giggle! i miss you!! :)

  2. Such an amazing building and I would have never gone there if not for you!

    Sarah, the NYC Public Library has over 1800 eBooks that you can check out to your Kindle! Isn't that cool?

  3. Haha thanks, Sarah. I knew it was ridiculous, but I was really into my book!