Wednesday, September 7, 2011

List Wednesday: Pets I've Had

Magic, Dante, and Kyle
  1. Saki - Big black cat, had it when I was a baby, don’t remember much about him.
  2. Darth Beta - A gift from a family friend, lived for five years or so.
  3. Darth Beta II - After Darth I died, Darth II was a gift from another friend.
  4. Annie - Named for Little Orphan Annie, a tortoise shell shelter cat we adopted and gave away when she wouldn’t stop peeing on the carpet a few years later.
  5. Maui - Black Labrador Retriever, named for the island in Hawaii because that's where Dad decided he needed a dog.
  6. Magic - A black cat we took in from a family friend. He was an outdoor cat who went out one night and never came back.
  7. Dante - A long-haired blue Chihuahua who loves people more than any other dog I’ve ever seen!
  8. Kyle Field - Our new Mackerel Tabby, with whom I am completely obsessed. (You may have noticed.)
List Wednesday is a series of personal lists. The idea stems from Listography, a website and book series that you can use to keep any lists you could possibly want!