Saturday, January 28, 2012

NY vs. TX

As you all know, I'm a Texas girl.  I've lived in Texas since I was seven years old, and moved up to New York in August 2010.  Since I've been here, I've grown to really appreciate things about Texas and, in turn, really miss those things.  But I've also fallen in love with a lot that New York has to offer.  My typical activities have also changed since living here.  I bring you a comparison of my life in Texas (mostly in College Station, during college) to my life in New York:

Typical weekend activity:
Texas: eating, $4 movies (always!), sometimes dancing
New York: wild brunch, sleeping, going to bars, lots of dancing

Favorite hangout spots:
Texas: Sweet Eugene's (warning - plays music automatically), the 212, Halo
New York: Pranna NYC, Bar Social, Public House

Quick meal:
Texas: Chick-fil-A, Blue Baker, Rosa's, McAlister's, pasta
New York: falafel, cart food, pierogi, hummus

Preferred place to study:
Texas: library annex, Sweet Eugene's
New York: Hauser on campus

Texas: Research Park (CS,TX), Andy Brown West (hometown)
New York: Central Park

Commute to school:
Texas: 10 minutes via bus
New York: 30-45 minutes via car

Extreme weather experienced:
Texas: over 100 °F high temperatures, hurricanes, tornado warnings
New York: lows in the teens, hurricane, tornado, earthquake

Accessories/clothing of choice:
Texas: Toms shoes, jeans, cardigans
New York: heels, boots, tights

Texas: choir kids (CS love), seester
New York: I/O people

I love both places.  And I can't wait to make Texas my home again after I graduate!

When you've moved to a new place, have your tastes and activities changed?  For better or worse?

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