Monday, September 21, 2009

Kurt Halsey

I can't sleep. I tried going to sleep with the tv on in the background, but I just found myself imagining what the picture looked like judging by the noises being emitted. I can't listen to my iPod due to the fact that it is going to be waking me up in the morning from the iHome. I tried looking up suggestions for falling asleep but nothing grabbed me. I have decided to remedy this by blogging.

I still don't know what exactly I want this blog to be, so for now I'll just jump around until I find its calling.

I like to save photos and art I find online to my computer so I can enjoy it whenever I wish. My friend Jenna suggested that I share the things I find, and promised that she would read it. So here is my first attempt - there will be a quiz, Jenna.

An artist I've been crazy about for a long time is Kurt Halsey. He paints, draws, and creates loveliness. A while back he had a set of prints stretched on canvases that Urban Outfitters sold, and I now own. So I get to have a couple of his pieces in my home, which is nice. His work is largely of the portrait variety, though not strictly so. Some of his work for you to enjoy:

[All pictures by Kurt Halsey]

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