Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Joy of Toys (The Innocent Kind)

This weekend I went with Kevin to his parents' house in Austin. After living there for ten years, they're moving into an apartment closer to work, so he wanted to go help them pack everything. He's such a good son.

We left after he got off of work and arrived around 8.00pm. It was looking real stormy and scary, like we might get a tornado. The sky was full of clouds that looked like this:

Which I have now learned are "mammatus" clouds, only less defined as some photos I've seen, like this:

Eerie! But it pretty much didn't even rain where we were, which was fortunate.

The next day we were off on a mini-adventure. We went to Toy Joy, which, if you've never been, you should check out because it's just too fun. And lucky for me, they're an official Sanrio distributor! So I bought a few goodies for myself and Kevin bought me an Uglydoll! He's adorable. He's "Babo's Bird," but he doesn't have a name yet. I also got a Pandapple plush among other things, as you can see!

We then went to Kerby Lane for lunch and then saw The Hangover. It was... funny. But I really don't like movies where everything goes wrong and so it stressed me out too much. Then we went back to the house while Kevin packed and I played Spider Solitaire on his computer. I've won two suit solitaire twice now! It's really difficult! But I'm working on getting better.

Today we had to get up early (okay, at 9.00) and drive to Houston for our friend James's graduation party. After six years he finally got a degree! Good for him. But Houston is not fun at all. The driving stinks and it's too humid. I'd take Austin or Dallas any day, thank you. It was lots of fun, though. A bunch of friends were there and his mom made enough food for a small army. So we ate as much as we could and took the rest of it home. I only just now realized that I left it in the car. And we got back a few hours ago. Awesome.

We have since returned home and I'm avoiding homework by writing this. But it was a really fun weekend. I like spending time with the boyfriend, and he takes such good care of me. We had lots of car time, which as we all know is good for bonding (and napping). He's moving to New York City in the fall to go to grad school at Columbia. (Basically, he's mega-smart.) This is the summer to get in as much face time as I can with him before he goes far away!

This week is pretty low-key - I have a "test" in Strength Training and a bunch of reading to do. Perhaps I'll get to work more on my scrapbook and my super-kawaii stickers will arrive so I can make all my pages just a little more Asian-inspired. Hopefully there's a dinner date at Luigi's this week with Kevin as well. We like to get dressed up and show off how great we are together.

And how modest!

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