Saturday, June 25, 2011

TOMS: One for One

Some people think they’re ugly, and some people think they’re the best shoes in the entire world.  I am most definitely in the second camp. TOMS Shoes are possibly my favorite footwear.

I got my first pair during my last summer in College Station at Texas A&M.  After coveting my friend Jenna’s for a long time, I finally purchased some of my own.  I got the Ash Canvas Classics:

For Christmas of this year, I got a TOMS giftcard from my mom!  I was really excited about getting another pair, but I was worried about being able to wear them, since it’s so cold in New York.  My solution was to get the Grey Wool Fleck Botas!  They have a faux fur lining and are very warm.

My friend Sasha had a pair of grey TOMS, the right one of which ripped while she was on campus at Hofstra, and the left one of which her dog chewed.  I convinced her to let me have the two bad shoes (she had them replaced, care of Hofstra), and with the help of a patch and an iron, they’re good as new!  Now I have two pairs of grey, but my first pair are practically brown now that I’ve worn them so much.

Can you believe those were once the same color?!

And finally, this summer as a gift to myself for finishing my first year of graduate school, I purchased a pair of Coral Linen Classics.  They’re very light and airy, perfect for the summer!  I’m in love.

This brings my total to four pairs, and all I can think about is getting more, more, more.  I may have a problem.

Image from

TOMS donates one pair of shoes for every pair purchased.  And that’s pretty awesome.  They also now sell sunglasses, and for every pair purchased, they give the gift of SIGHT!  And that’s really awesome.

I think that may be the best part about owning TOMS - knowing that because I wear four pairs, four other people wear a pair as well.

Do you wear TOMS? What kind do you have?


  1. You didn't mention the unique, uh, "aroma" of TOMS shoes!

  2. Yes I wear TOMS (as you well know) and I have red ones, stripped black and grey ones, and silver glitter ones! I also have Botas in black with blue lining. Waiting for winter to wear them though :(

  3. Where'd you get the Grey Wool Fleck Botas?