Monday, August 29, 2011

Linked In: Women's Issues Edition

Sexuality and gender are two topics that I'm very passionate about.  Here, some links I've found recently covering topics in said realm.

"NY Times to YA Publishing: Stop Being So Girly" - an excellent article on The Mary Sue in response to Robert Lipsyte's "Boys and Reading: Is There Any Hope?"

From Jezebel: "New Children's Book Encourages Young Girls to Diet." - This book has been floating around the blogosphere a lot lately.  Please educate yourself on how to promote positive body image in young girls.

On victim blaming - from Fbomb: "What Is Rape Culture?" and from Teenagerie: "A 'Don't Get Raped' Campaign (maybe) Reduces Rapes; A 'Don't Rape' Campaign Reduces Rapists."

Hilarious: "How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Pooping During Childbirth."

Video: Ritchard Ludlow on being a male feminist. [via Fbomb]

A long, but relevant article from Etsy, The Tyranny of Trends. [via Adored Austin]

What do you think? Any articles you've come across recently?

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