Wednesday, August 24, 2011

List Wednesday: Places I've Lived

The Kappa House at A&M

List Wednesday is a new series of personal lists. The idea stems from Listography, a website and book series that you can use to keep any lists you could possibly want!
  1. Mom's House - Pink brick house in a Texas suburb. Wood floors, canal in the backyard, crepe myrtles.
  2. Dad's House - Red brick house in another Texas suburb. Old swing set in the backyard we rarely ever used.
  3. Commons Dorms at Texas A&M - Central campus dorms, food downstairs, cinderblock walls and a suite-style bathroom.
  4. Kappa House - Four girls living in a very small room, sharing a bathroom with four more. Weekday meals prepared by a kitchen staff, no windows in the room = lots of sleeping in.
  5. Horseback House - A brand new house for the summer with two female roommates and a live-in boyfriend. Large black lab that left hair all over the couch, pond in the backyard.
  6. College Station Apartment - Typical college apartments, two bedroom, fully furnished
  7. Queens Apartment - Two bedroom, relatively affordable, same live-in boyfriend and one more male roommate. Wood floors, pristine off-white walls, huge patio.

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  1. Additions?
    Chappaqua Condominium - first home, celebrity crib (no, literally a crib)
    Charlotte Red Brick Center Hall Colonial - big yard, cul de sac privacy, new roomie arrives (Jill)
    Omaha Street of Dreams home - great yard, first swing set used often, basement playroom