Saturday, August 6, 2011

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Texas friends! Courtney, me, and Jenelle. Can you tell it's over 100 degrees?

Hi friends! I apologize for the brief absence on the blog. I went home to Texas last week! It was a marvelous trip, and I'm hoping to do a blog post about it soon. This week, however, I only have some links for you. Back to content soon.

Sarah Von had a great post promoting self-love last week you should really check out!

Have you ever looked at The Best of Craigslist?  This is a very entertaining ad for a cello.  If I lived in Los Angeles, I would totaly get it.  [Thanks, Jaime!]

The most ridiculous advertising campaign since, well, ever. [via The Mary Sue]

Have you heard of Caffenol? I may be a little late to the party, but it's a way to develop film at home with coffee and vitamin C!

Cute DIY for making Tiny Polaroid Magnets from Ambrosia Girl.

Oh man. Neopolitan Gooey Cake Bars from Picky Palate. If only I weren't on a diet...

And for your viewing pleasure, if Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince were a teen comedy. [Thewlis Rox, via Kevin]

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