Saturday, July 23, 2011

Dee Caspary

Once again, I bring you amazing choreography from So You Think You Can Dance.  Dee Caspary joined the ranks of SYTYCD choreographers in the seventh season of the show, last summer.  He is a contemporary choreographer with excellent taste in music.

His dances always receive high praise from the judges, and the dancers always receive enough votes to stay out of the bottom three couples after performing them.  Here is one of my favorites:

Melanie and Marko (Season 8) - Skin and Bones (song by David J. Roch)

Many of the videos have embedding disabled, so I encourage you to check out all of his incredible choreography from the show:

From Season 7, Ashley and Ade - Cosmic Love
        (song by Florence + the Machine)
From Season 7, AdéChiké and Kent - You Only Disappear
        (song by Tom McRae)
From Season 7, Lauren and Robert - That Home
        (song by The Cinematic Orchestra)
From Season 7, All-Star Group Dance - Drumming Song
        (song by Florence + the Machine)

From Season 8, Sasha and Alexander - Belong
        (song by Cary Brothers)
From Season 8, Half of the Top 16 Group Dance - Poison & Wine
        (song by The Civil Wars)

There you have it!  I hope to see a lot more from Dee in future seasons.  His dances are incredibly beautiful and his music choices make wonderful additions to my iPod.

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