Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Can we take a moment and talk about Tabitha and Napoleon D'umo?

As I have said before, So You Think You Can Dance is my favorite summer television show.  I have been watching since season three, and it was in season four that we met hip hop's husband-and-wife dream team.

Joshua Allen (the winner of season four) and Katee Shean's (who placed third) first dance as a couple on the top twenty episode made my life.  This was also the first dance choreographed by the duo, and I'm pretty sure that all of America was in love.  Their dance to Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis (danced by Chelsie Hightower of Dancing With the Stars and Mark Kanemura of every Lady Gaga video ever) was nominated for an Emmy.

Seasons five and six were a little slow for Nappytabs, but Mad by Ne-Yo (danced by season five winner Jeanine Mason and Phillip Chbeeb) was pretty awesome, as well as I Can Transform Ya by Chris Brown (danced by season six winner Russell Ferguson and runner-up Kathryn McCormick).

Then it was season seven.  And Nappytabs was ready to make a comeback.  Enter Alex Wong, ballet dancer and season seven favorite.  The format of this show was different, and every contestant in the season danced not with each other, but with "all-stars" from previous seasons.  So Alex was paired with Stephen "tWitch" Boss, runner-up from season four, and they worked out this little number with Nappytabs to Outta Your Mind by Lil' John (embed disabled, check it out on youtube).  This was followed by another powerful one to Fallin by Alicia Keys, danced by AdéChiké Torbert and season four's Comfort Fedoke:

Can you see why I'm in love?  Season eight is happening right now, and Nappytabs is continuing their streak of amazing dances with Melanie Moore and Marko Germar's dance to I Got You by Leona Lewis:

The story for this video is that Marko has just been left at the altar, and his best friend Melanie picks him back up.  Then he realizes who he should have been with all along.  Precious, right?

I think that's what makes Tabitha and Napoleon so great - the stories in their dances are so rich and diverse.  No two dances are exactly alike.  They're happy and they're sad.  They're inspiring and they're fun.  Their stories are so different from one another, and their style is so unique.

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  1. you're gonna turn me into a SYTYCD addict!!! hahaha i'm gonna have to watch it now!

  2. i JUST watched the Melanie and Marko 'Best Friends' routine. OMG...i loved it.

  3. @Sarah - you won't regret it!! It's my favorite summer show.

    @James - Right?? Melanie and Marko are so. good. (And so is the dance)